Wroclaw things to do: A travel guide

Wroclaw is a town on the south-western side of Poland and home to more than five hundred thousand people. Wroclaw, the fourth largest city in the country, received this name in 1945, and before this date, it was known as the city of Breslau. In the Wroclaw travel guide, you will find places to see and things to do in this beautiful city.

Transfer from Wrocław-Copernicus Airport to city center

If you come to this city by plane, your first stop will be this airport. There are public buses every half an hour from the airport and the bus number is 406, which stops right in front of the airport. From 11:00 am to 5:00 am you can go to the city center by bus 249, which replaces bus 406. If you are going to the city center, you must take off the bus at the Dworcome which is the last stop.

wroclaw accomodation

City accommodation

If you are looking for cheap accommodation, you can stay in Wroclaw for € 10 to € 20 per night. There are also other beautiful hotels in the city. By visiting an online booking site, I suggest that you choose the right price and the best location.

wroclaw in-city tronsportation

In-city transportation

There are some basic transport options in many cities. You can travel in a city by taxi, bus or tram. But this city has a different fourth alternative: the bicycle.

In Wroclaw, a flat city, you can walk almost everywhere, or rent a bike to spend more fun. There is a very developed bicycle rental system in the city and a large number of bicycle stations. You create a registration by entering https://wroclawskirower.pl/ websites and you pay with your credit card. Then you will go to the nearest bicycle station and rent one of the bicycles there. When you are done with your bicycle, you will return to the same station and leave the bicycle at the place you took it.

However, if you want to use a bus or a tram, the only fare is 3 Zl and there is a very common public transport system.

wroclaw old town

Things to do in Wroclaw

I suggest you see the following places.

– Town Hall

– Salt Square

– Ul Więzienna street

– University of Wroclaw

– Market Hall

– John and Margaret houses

– Royal Palace

– Tumski Bridge

– Cathedral Island

– Sand Island

– Centennial Hall

– Wrocław Fountain

– Sky Tower

– Church of St Elizabeth

– Cathedral of St John

– White Stork Synagogue

– Church of St Mary Magdalene

– Church of St Giles

– Panorama of the Battle of Racławice

– Ethnographic Museum of Wrocław

– National Museum

– Museum of Burgeois Art

– City Museum of Wrocław

wroclaw fountain

Wrocław Fountain

There is a massive water demonstration in Wroclaw Fountain, one of the Europe’s largest fountains. Hundreds of water jets and lights are used on this show which is performances only between April and October.

tumski bridge

Tumski Bridge

This bridge connecting the Cathedral Island and the Sand Island is made of steel and has padlocks on it. The lovers who lock on this bridge, believe that they will not leave forever. This bridge is similar to the Hohenzollern bridge in Cologne. Click to read my article about Cologne.

Cathedral Island and Sand Island

The history of the cathedral island, the oldest part of the city, dates back to the tenth century. You can relax in this magical place, enjoy the view of the city and have a good time. When the lanterns on the island are burned individually and manually, as in the old times, the nights here become more magnificent. Sand Island is also a place of peace that is preferred especially in hot weather.

Sky Tower

You can watch the most beautiful view of Wroclaw from 212 meters high and you can take great pictures. If you book to enter this 49-storey tower with an entrance fee of 20 Zl, you will not have to wait at the door.

Market Hall

You can buy traditional Polish products, various food and other local goods in this historic market, which is almost a century old.

wroclaw town hall

Town Hall

Town Hall, a historic building, served as a municipal building for many years, but when it had some damage in the second world war, it’s turned into a museum. You can also find information about the history of Poland at this place called the Museum of Bourgeois.

Places of worship in the city

You can walk up the stairs to the top of the Church of St Elizabeth, which is on the Market Square, and enjoy a magnificent view of Wroclaw. In this historic church built in the thirteenth century, the bell rings at every hour.

Cathedral of St. John, Church of St. Mary Magdalene and the Church of St. Giles are also historic churches in the city center. The White Stork Synagogue is the center of worship of the Jews for nearly two centuries and is also used as a museum after the Nazi genocide in the Second World War.

wroclaw museum

The museums in Wraclow

A small panorama of the battle of Racławice is shown in the Panorama of the Battle of Racławice museum. In this war, the Polish have defeated the Russians, and this war has great significance in terms of the Polish.

The National Museum in Wrocław is a place that wonders of Polish history should visit, and it is possible to see it in this museum of Polish history. You can visit the Wrocław Contemporary Museum for contemporary art, the City Museum of Wrocław to learn about the history of the city, and the Museum of Archeology if you are an archeology enthusiast.

wroclaw dwarfs

Wroclaw and the Dwarfs

When you start to visit the city, the dwarven sculptures that come out at every corner can surprise you. In this city, which has more than two hundred dwarven sculptures in total, it is believed that the wishes will be accepted after seeing all the dwarves. Buy a dwarf map for this and start searching.

Shopping and foods in Wraclow

There are not many souvenir shops in the city, and for this reason, you have limited options if you want to get a gift for return. The magnets seem to be the best gift options with dwarf sculptures that are the symbol of the city.

The most famous dish in Poland is Pierogi, a kind of pasta and served in almost every restaurant. Also, the Polish cuisine is charming and tasty, I suggest you try.

 Final tips for Wroclaw

# A little speak of English. Generally speaking German.

# Currency is Poland Zloty (Zl).

# 2 days is enough to visit the city.

# Visit the jakdojade.pl website for information on transport within the city. From here you can get all the necessary information.

# Buses and trams work 24 hours a day.

# Korona is the cheapest market in town.

# It is one of the most temperate cities in Poland, a very cold country.

# You can taste the hunting rabbit at Kuchnia Polska restaurant.

# Join the Free Walking Tour. The volunteer guides will show you around the city and tip you at the end of the course.

# People are so warm. It’s a “cold country warm people”.

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