What to see in Tallinn Estonia?

Tallinn, which is in northern Estonia, hosts about 500,000 people. We have prepared a guide to things to do in this historic and wonderful city. If you are planning a trip to Tallinn, you are at the best address right now.

Transfer from Lennart Meri Airport

Tallinn is not a big city and the airport is only 2 miles away to the city center. As a result, you do not need to hire a taxi, and you can reach the city center quickly by taking a bus from the bus stop just in front of the airport. The price of the bus ticket is 1 €. If you still want to go by taxi, you have to pay about 7 €.

If you are traveling in one of the neighboring countries to Estonia, it is possible to come here easily. You can get to Tallinn by bus from Riga in 6 hours or by ferry from Helsinki in 1.5 hours.

tallinn beaches

The best time for Tallinn

Located in northern Europe, Estonia is a naturally cold country. Especially winter is very hard here and snow is not missing at all. The temperature in summer is not much, and I can say that the best time for the Tallinn travel is between May and September. As summers last almost 20 hours during the day, it is possible to compress many activities into the same day.

tallinn in-city transportation

In-city transportation

In Tallinn, which is a small city, city transport is provided by trams and buses. Tram tickets are about 1.5 € for single boarding. You can get a 3-day ticket by paying 6 € and you can get on the public transport for an unlimited amount of time. But the city is so small that you can walk almost everywhere. This, in turn, removes the problem of urban transportation by itself.

tallinn accomodatin options

Accommodation options in Tallinn

This city is cheaper than other European cities. The hotel rates are also quite reasonable. The best district as the location will be the Old Town district. So you are close to many tourist attractions and shopping center. It is possible to accommodate 15 € per night in an average hostel in the city.

Tallinn Attractions

We recommend to see the following places in Tallinn.

– St Olav’s Church

– Old Town Square

– St Mary’s Cathedral

– Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

– Toompea Castle

– Pikk Hermann

– Freedom Square

– Viru Keskus

– Town Hall Pharmacy

– Katarina Kaik

– TV Tower

tallinn old town

Old Town

This is a historic neighborhood on the Unesco World Heritage List. The Old Town is surrounded by ramparts and you will enter the city by a gate called Viru Gate, which is between the city walls. Here you can find the magnificent St Olav’s church with its 124-meter tower and the Old Town Square. This square is the most important square of the city and is surrounded by the traditional houses of Estonia. Town Hall Pharmacy is the oldest pharmacy in the world and you should definitely see this interesting place.

tallinn attractions

TV Tower

Estonia’s longest building, the TV tower, is a great place to see and take pictures of the wonderful Tallinn. On days when the weather is clear, you can even see Helsinki which is only 70 miles away when you look at it.

toompea castle

Toompea Castle

This fortress, built on top of Toompea, is a place where nobles of the city once lived. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is also located in the castle area. The Estonian parliament building is also in the castle district and the office of the Estonian President is here.

tallinn shopping centers

Shopping centers in Tallinn

If you are looking for cheap and beautiful gifts for your return to home, you should visit Katerina Kaik near Viru Gate. From this passage, you can get both handicraft products and memorial magnet. Magnet prices start at 6 €.

tallinn foods

What to eat in Tallinn?

Obviously, you should not expect too much food. Even if Estonian cuisine is rich, there are not many good restaurants in the city. Few decent restaurants while overly expensive. Boheem and F-hoone are restaurants that can be recommended. Olde Hansa and III Draakon are the places where you can look at the taste of bear and deer. Estonia’s national dessert is the Kama and it’s possible to find it everywhere.

Final Tips for Tallinn

– Two days is enough to travel.

– Currency is in Euro (€).

– The official language is Estonian but many speak English.

– It is possible to travel the city in one day. You should definitely go to Helsinki for another day, at least if you have two days for your travel. It is possible to get from Tallinn to Helsinki in two hours.

– You can take a city tour with Hop on Hop off buses. The price is 19 €.

– If you are wondering what the bear meat look like, visit Olde Hansa. The meat portion is 55 €.

– Visit III Draakon to eat venison.

– If you want to use the internet during your stay in the city, stop by the R-Kiosk at the airport exit. Sim cards are sold here to provide you with a connection to the internet. For example, you pay 3.5 €s for a sim card with 5 gb internet for a week and you can connect to the internet from your mobile phone all week long. If you have a sim card attached to your phone and are wondering how the callers will reach you, we suggest you take a second phone.

– It’s an expensive city.

– The cheapest market in town is Maxima.

– Those who would prefer a taxi for city transportation should install the taxify application to their phones. This way you can pay by credit card and you can find out the estimated costs of your destinations in advance.

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