What to do in Montevideo: Capital of Uruguay

Montevideo, where one and a half million people live, is the capital and largest city of Uruguay. We prepared a travel guide for this port city, and we told you what to see and what to do. If you want to look at the other travel guides for South American cities, visit for Santiago and click for La Paz.

The best time for Montevideo

The first thing you need to know about Uruguay is that this country is in the southern hemisphere. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you must remember that the seasons here will be opposite to where you live. Summer months in this country are December, January, and February. In the summer it is very hot but the weather is cooler in the evening and the city is very suitable for sightseeing. But in the summertime, the local people of the city go to the holiday resorts and you will meet a more desolate and calm city. If you are not afraid of the cold or if you are well with the rain, you can come to this city in other seasons as well.

montevideo best time to go

Getting to the city center from the airport

If you come to this city by airway, we suggest you take a city map at the airport and visit the tourist office to learn about the place you will go. If you want to take the bus from Carrasco International Airport to the city center you will have to pay about 10 pesos and the journey will take about 45 minutes.

Since many countries do not have direct flights to Montevideo airport, you can first fly to Buenos Aires and pass by bus or ferry to Montevideo.

montevideo city transportation

In-city transportation

Montevideo has two alternatives for urban transport. It is possible to walk many times in this not too big city, but you can also get buses that reach almost everywhere. You do not need to buy a ticket for the bus and you can pay for the ride on board. You can also take a taxi in this city where taxi fares are not high.

Places to see in Montevideo

You should see the places listed below if you have enough time.

– Palacio Salva

– Plaza Independencia

– Plaza de la Constitucion

– Museo Torres Garcia

– Museo Historico Nacional

– Rambla de Montevideo

– Pocitos

– Palazzo del Parlamento

– Parque Rodo

– Montevideo Shopping Center

– Biblioteca Nacional de Uruguay

– Plaza Independencia

Plaza Independencia

The first thing that stands out in this square is the magnificent Palacio Salvo building. This building, about 100 meters high, was built in 1925 and is now used as a workplace and home. The second thing that draws attention in the square is the sculpture of Jose Artigas. Jose Artigas is the one who fought the Spaniards and gave the Uruguay people their independence.

One of the streets in the square has Teatro Solis, Uruguay’s oldest theater. Sarandi street is also one of the streets that are in this square and closed to traffic. Restaurants and shopping malls are waiting for you on Sarandi Street.

Torres Garcia Museum

This museum, which is opened in 1949 to commemorate Torres Garcia, one of the most prominent artists of Uruguay, has exhibited works of Garcia and other artists. However, in the section where Garcia’s life is described, it is not possible to get detailed information about the life of this famous artist, since visitors are not given an English headset.

Museum of National History

Located in Casa de Rivera, this museum exhibits many works on the history and culture of Uruguay. However, the same problem exists here and there is no English information on the works. If you do not speak Spanish, all you can do is to look at the works and guess what they mean.

pocitos montevideo


In general, the Pocitos region, where the upper-income class lives, is a more calm and fun place. This area, which is the best place to spend time both in the evenings and staying, is also notable for its beaches during the summer.

What to eat in Montevideo?

There is meat at the head of Uruguay kitchen. Go to Mercado del Puerto and visit the dozens of meat restaurants here. You can also visit Milajo for Italian cuisine, Cafe Brasilero for lunch, and Tras Bambalinas for meat dishes.

montevideo street food

Shopping in Montevideo

The largest shopping center in the city is the Montevideo Shopping Center and it’s a destination for almost all tourists. If you are looking for something cheaper and local, you should visit the local markets that you can find all over the city.

Final tips for Montevideo

– Currency is Uruguayan Peso

– Uruguayan people drink mate, a kind of tea, during all the day. You should not come back from this town without having a cup of mate.

– It’s a safe city in general.

– It’s a cheap city.

– The city is very calm and people are warm.

– The most expensive thing in the town is water. Its price is about $ 1. Although it does not seem very expensive, I can say that it’s expensive when compared to the prices of other things.

– The price of food in a restaurant is an average of $ 10.

– 2 days is enough to travel the city.

– I have to admit it’s a boring city. If you are after entertainment, visit Buenos Aires which is located close to the bordering opposite and just a ferry up close!

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