What to do and where to see in Seoul?

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and one of the most crowded cities in the world. The name of this metropolis where more than ten million people live also means the “capital city” in Korean language. If you come to this city for vacation, where should you see it and what should you do here? Your city guide is right here!

Airports in Seoul

There are two airports in this city. Incheon airport, one of the largest in the world, is located in the middle of the sea. From there you can reach the city center by train. There are two types of trains. Express trains reach the city center in about 40 minutes, while All Stop trains take the same distance in 55 minutes. The fee for paying for Express is 8.000 WON and for All Stop is 4.250 WON. If you don2t have a hurry, I suggest you to go with the All Stop, which is almost half price. You can also take a taxi from this airport to the city center, but I would like to remind you that it will take about two hours.

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The other airport is Gimpo airport. The best way to get to the city center from this airport, which is closer to the city center than Incheon, is the metro. From this airport you can reach the city center in half an hour by using the metro.

Another alternative for both airports is taxi. You can learn about the taxi fares by visiting the tourist offices at the airport. Here, according to where you go, taxi prices are determined and fixed in advance. So, at the end of the road, it is impossible for you to encounter a surprise fee.

Accommodation in Seoul

In terms of accommodation, you will have two basic options. These are the hotels and hostels. Hotel prices are generally around $ 30 – $ 40 per day, except for international chain hotels. Before you plan your trip, review online booking sites and make your decisions accordingly.

There a few regions in this city that I can recommend. Hongdae district is the place where you can find the cheapest hotels. This area, which has a popular metro network, is close to many places to be seen and the nightlife is quite active here.

If you want to stay close to all the places you want to see, your choice should definitely be Jongno district. Many of the tourists who come to the city, already prefer this region.

The Gangnam region, also known as the famous Gangnam Style, is the most luxurious region in the city. Here is famous for its nightlife and entertainment clubs and the hotel charges are quite high.

My recommendation is Insadong district. Those looking for a hotel in the center should look in the Insadong area. This is both a more comfortable region and the closest location to the places to be seen.

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In-city transportation

Nowhere else in the world, you will not find another city where transportation is both so complicated and so easy. The largest subway network in the world is here, and it can confuse your head a bit. Nevertheless, it is possible to reach every point of the city with metro.

Before you go to South Korea, I recommend you to research the android and iOS programs related to transportation in this city. There are very successful programs both on Google Play and the Apple Store, so you can easily see where you want to go or where your stop is coming from.

I want to remind you of an important fact about Metro charges. Do not throw away the tickets you bought for boarding at Metro, when your business is over. When you get off the subway, you can get a refund of the 500 WON deposit you gave earlier by using the refund machines on your downturn. Otherwise, you may have to pay WON 500 externally every time you use the metro.

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Where to see in Seoul?

The places to see in this city are:

– Gwanghwamun Square

– Ins Dong

– Buckhon Hanok Village

– Dongdaemun Market

– Namsan Tower

– Myeongdong

– Bukhan Mountain National Park

– Cheonggyecheon

– Gyeongbok-Gung Palace

– The Iteawo

– Gangnam Street

– King Sejong Statue

– The National Folk Museum of Korea

– National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

– Jongmyo Shrine

– Gwangjang Market

– War Memorial of Korea

– Bongeunsa

– Coex Mall

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This area, which has very good restaurants, is also the heart of the city. It is possible to find many shops in this region, especially clothing products. To get here, you will need to leave the metro at Myeongdong exit on the subway.


Buckhon Hanok Village

This place, which means the northern village, is located on a hill close to the city and between Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace. In this village you can see the finest examples of traditional Korean architecture. There are about 700 houses in this village that you can visit in about 1 hour. Some of these houses serve as a hotel.

Gyeongbok-Gung Palace

The name of the palace means the western palace in Korean. It takes 2 hours to visit Gyeongbokgung, which is the first palace of the Joseon dynasty, and the entrance fee is W 3,000. This palace is closed on Tuesdays.

Changdeokgung Palace

After you left Buckhon Hanok village, you can come to this yard. Entrance fee of the palace is three thousand WON and If you want to see the garden of the palace, you need to pay two thousand WON more. The palace is closed on Mondays.

After visiting the palace, you can see the Jongmyo Shrine, which is fifteen minutes from here. This magnificent temple dates from the 13th century and is of great importance to the Koreans in terms of religion.

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Namsan Tower

Before taking on this tower on the top of Namsan, you need to reach the top using by a Cable Car. A perfect city view awaits you on the hill where you reach with Cable Car, which has a return fee of eight thousand WON. When you go up the tower on the hill, you are watching the city from 500 meters above. The entrance to the tower is also payable and you need to pay nine thousand WON  per person.

War Memorial of Korea museum

This country, which has experienced a great war in the middle of the 20th century, does not want to forget this struggle that has caused great suffering to people. Because we all people have to remember the wars and learn why not to fight. In this museum, you can see the tanks, warplanes or other weapons used during the war.

Tourist areas of Seoul

Insa Dong is the most traditional district of the city. This neighborhood, which was very poor in ancient times, is now one of Seoul’s most luxurious neighborhoods and a place that tourists definitely come for.

Myeongdong is the shopping heart of the city. It is possible to find here, a branch of all the stores in Korea.

Gangnam is a district of the famous singer PSY. This is both a shopping center and a world famous financial center. Everywhere is full of skyscrapers. You will walk in this area for at least three hours and you will get really tired.

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What to eat in Seoul?

Street food is very common in this city. In the list below, you can see Seoul’s most famous street foods:

– Tteokbokki. One kind of meatballs and the average price is 5 WONs

– Odeng. You must guess what it is, from the ground up. The price is an average of 750 WONs.

– Gimbap. Some kind of fish. The price is an average of 2.000 WONs.

Fast food restaurants are widespread in this city as it is in many cities. Apart from these, there are frequent seaborne harvests and very successful fish restaurants.

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Final tips for Seoul

– The currency is WON.

– The largest subway network in the world is in this city. On the subway, the number of passengers carried in a day is about 10 million.

– You pay a 500 WONs for deposit, when you buy a subway ticket. When leaving the Metro, remember to get 500 WONs by using Refund machines.

– Three days is enough to visit the city.

– Get an English – Korean dictionary.

– Eat in the streets.

– Free Wi-Fi is available at many points in the city. You can connect to the Internet almost anywhere and for free.

– Free Wi-Fi is not available everywhere, so you can get a portable modem from KT Olleh office at Incheon airport. Three people can use this mode, which for you will pay about $ 6 per day.

– If you smoke, this city could be a nightmare for you. Because smoking is prohibited in many buildings and even on the street.

– Everywhere here is full of coffee shop!

– Do not go back without eating bibimbap!

– In traditional Korean restaurants, the food is eaten not on the table but on the floor.

– Korean teas are delicious.

– Watch the sunrise from the edge of the Han river.

– You can take a mountain walk. (Hiking)

– If you are here in the summer, always have an umbrella with you!

– Be careful when you drink soju.

– Before you go out, record the location of your hotel on the map application on your phone.

– Stop by Lotte World. This is the world’s largest indoor entertainment venue.

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