Vegan restaurants and foods in Antalya

Best vegan restaurants in Antalya

Antalya, Turkey’s largest tourism center, hosts around 10 million tourists every year. Antalya is a tourism paradise with its miles of beaches and high mountains just behind it. So you visited Antalya and you are looking for a vegan restaurant! Here are the best vegan restaurants in Antalya.

How did we choose the Vegan restaurants?

In order to make this choice, we have taken into consideration both the comments on the restaurants and the travel notes of the travelers. You should absolutely try the restaurants on the list.

Rokka Food

rokka food antalya vegan

Rokka Food is located in Muratpaşa and is open until midnight. This restaurant is open for longer in the holiday season and you can taste various vegan dishes. The most striking dish of the place is the pizza. It is often preferred because it is both affordable and delicious. Felafel rolls and homemade lemonade are also great. Also, the food prices are very reasonable.

Ch’i Fine Food Atelier

Ch'i Fine Food Atelier vegan antalya

This is a very successful vegan restaurant. Traditional raw food dishes and vegetable salads are excellent. It’s also a good alternative for people looking for gluten-free food. The food prices in the restaurant are not expensive either.

Çay-Tea’s Lunchroom & Deco Home

Tea’s Lunchroom & Deco Home vegan antalya

This is not a fully vegan restaurant, but they have vegan options. There is at least one day of vegan pastry services a week and the number of vegan meals is increasing day by day. Vegan ice cream and sütlaç are recommended.

Konyaaltı Mayıs Cafe

Konyaaltı Mayıs Cafe vegan antalya

Here you have vegan breakfast plates and the tasty Turkish olive oil dishes are very delicious. And if you order them, they make a vegan pie for you.

Başkent Simit Fırını

başkent simit vegan antalya

This is a good option when you want to have breakfast. Simit and other pastries are very successful.

Yenigün Reçelleri

yenigün jam reçel vegan antalya

If you like jams, this is the best option for you. You can taste and buy different and delicious jams like eggplant or walnut biscuits.

Final Tips

There is not much choice in terms of vegan restaurants in Antalya. But do not forget that; Turkish cuisine is very rich in terms of vegan foods. You can go to any restaurant and find lots of vegan food.

Other than that, you can shop at the grocery store or taste pastry dishes such as bagels, pancakes, and pork outside the city.

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