Travel to Cape Town for an unforgettable visiting!

Cape Town is the southernmost of South Africa and the entire African continent. With this feature, this city is the farthest point of Africa to Europe. We wrote the places you must see, the dishes you must taste and other travel tips in Cape Town.

Cape Town airport

If you come this city by air, your first stop will be Cape Town airport. You can go from the airport to the city center by bus or taxi. If your budget is limited, we recommend that you first go to the city center by taking a bus stop and arrive at the hotel by taking a taxi in the center.

Choice of hotels in Cape Town

In the past, the most important criterion in hotel selection was that those who went to that city earlier would tell us. The time has changed and the online booking websites have taken the place of friend comments. I would recommend you to take a look at these web sites and review the views of the city center’s authorities. Thus, you make the most accurate and cheap choice. But if I have to offer you a region, I would recommend you to choose a hotel in the Watefront district. This is the most beautiful and developed region of the city.

Although South Africa is a safe place, it is hard to say that it is always safe for tourists. For this reason, you should opt for international chain hotels whenever possible. These hotels will be more expensive, but at least they will be safer and more comfortable.

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Where must see?

Table Mountain is the first stopping point for many tourists on Cape Town city tour. A spectacular ocean and city view awaits you on this mountain. If the weather is clear and there are not too many clouds, you can see one of the most beautiful scenes that you can see throughout your life. The cable car is being used to get to this mountain. If you will get to this mountain, you should go out after lunch and watch the sunset.

Constancia Wineland Wine Farms are places that should be seen with both nature and history. During your stay here, you may feel like you are living a few centuries ago. Then you can go to Bird Park. This park is home to hundreds of bird species and is especially exciting for children. If you are interested in botany or if you like flowers, stop by the Kirstenbosch Botanic Garden. This is one of the biggest botanical gardens in the world. When so many flowers and trees are together, a surprise awaits you: birds and butterflies. If you like taking pictures of butterflies, you will probably get your best photographs up here.

Perhaps the most important place you should be visiting in South Africa is the Cape of Good Hope. This place, known as Africa’s southernmost but not technically, is at sea level. Here you can see the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, and if you are lucky you can come across some whales.

You can also make a helicopter ride in Cape Town. But this helicopter is not a known civilian helicopter. Bell Huey UH-1 is a real battle helicopter. It is possible to see the city with this helicopter that is also used in the Vietnam war. But I must remind you that this helicopter doesn’t have a door and you must be firmly seated in your seat. Nevertheless, do not worry, it is said that these helicopters are very safe and their pilots are experienced.

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Another place to see in the city is Hout Bay. This is a small fishing town. You can take a boat from this small town to Seal Island. This island is an island where seals live and there are thousands of seals. You can see these seals in their natural life, while sunbathing or playing games and photograph them.

Imizamo Yethu Township is a private neighborhood. Black locals live in this neighborhood and you are advised not to enter this neighborhood without a guide. For this, it is said that even the police do not dare to enter and that people are very poor. But leave all this information in a corner and go there. Chat with people, caress children and give them gifts. You will see how bad the prey is. All the people in the world do not live on equal terms and not everyone is lucky. This neighborhood is not bad either, just a little bit poorer than the rest of the world.

If you are in Africa, you should have a safari. The ideal location for this is Akila Safari Park. This safari park, which is 2 hours away from Cape Town, is not a real safari environment. But at least you can see rhinos, elephants, zebras or lions and have some fun.

If you’re in town and do not have a plan, the best option is Long Street. You can take long walks and shop on this street. If you are going to buy souvenirs, Greenmarket Square is the right place for you. It is possible to find all kinds of African gifts in this market where local souvenir items are sold.

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Below is a list of places you should see:

– Table Mountain

– Devil’s Peak

– Head to Lion

– Hout Bay

– Seal Island

– Cape Point

– Kirstenbosch Botanic Garden

– Constancia Wineland Wine Farms

– Bird Park

– Imizamo Yethu Township

– African safari park

– Greenmarket Square

– Two Oceans Aquarium

– Chavonnes Top Museum

– Bo-Kaap

– Castle of Good Hope

What to eat in Cape Town?

The kind of food you will find most in this city will be seafood. The seafood is both plentiful and very cheap. The places I can recommend to you are the Ocean Basket restaurant, where both fast food products and seafood are together, and Belthazar Grill and Seafood, which cooks the finest meats in town. Apart from these, you can also try restaurants on the ground floor of the Waterfront Wharf shopping center. The Stellenbosch region is also a must-see place to eat.

Nightlife in the city

Cape Town has a very lively nightlife. The center of this activity is Long Street. Everywhere is full of bars, discos or similar entertainment venues. The prices are pretty cheap and you can gave plenty of entertainment.

Watch the seasons!

Cape Town is located in the southern hemisphere. This means that the seasons are opposite to the northern hemisphere. If you are planning a vacation to this city and you live in the northern hemisphere, remember this tip. For example, if you come to this city in August, a very cold climate will meet you.

Final tips for Cape Town

– Currency is South African Rand (ZAR)

– You can go to the city center from the airport by taxi or bus.

– Remember that South Africa is in the southern hemisphere. The seasons will be opposite to the northern hemisphere.

– The seafood cuisine is very rich. Restaurants in general are cheap.

– Cape Town is a safe city.

– Visit Table Mountain.

– Make sure that you tour the city with helicopter.

– Perfect place to take pictures.

– You can travel by taxi to those places which are not far from your hotel. Ask your hotel and find a reliable taxi driver.

– Nightlife is quite colorful.

– You can use buses, taxis and metrorail for city transportation.

– There are many festivals in this city. Do not forget to join one.

– Before you go, visit the Cape Town Municipality website. You will find some information about the city.


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