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Dubai, the largest and the magnificent city of the United Arab Emirates, is home to about 3 million people. If you are wondering how you can spend time in this tourist paradise, be prepared to meet our Dubai travel guide.

When to go to Dubai?

I can say that the best time for Dubai is between November and May. Because the summer months in this city can be a nightmare and you may not want to leave your hotel because it is hot. The best time for this city to go swimming is autumn or winter.

dubai airpot

Transportation from the airport to the city

There are three options to reach the city from Dubai International Airport: bus, metro and taxi. If you go by bus to the city center you will have to pay 3 AED, the opening price for taxi is 25 AED and the price will change according to the distance you will go.

If your plane landed at Sharjah International Airport, two alternatives will be waiting here. You can go to Dubai International Airport by bus which is set by the airline company and you can go from there to the city center by metro or taxi. The taxi from the airport to the city center is around 50 AED.

Accommodation in Dubai

If you do not have an acquaintance living in Dubai, the easiest way to decide is to visit an online booking website. So you can find out the prices and read the comments about the hotel to make a better decision. There are luxury hotels in the city as well as affordable hotels. It will not be difficult for you to choose a budget hotel. The best location for staying is Al Barsha region and it is very close to both tourist attractions and shopping centers.

dubai metro

In-city transportation

You can reach almost every part of the city by metro and bus, and you can get unlimited buses and metro during the day with a ticket you get with 14 AED. This ticket is not valid only on Palm Island. Taxi fares are 3 AED for the opening fee and about 2 AED for each kilometer.


Below are the places you must see if you have enough time.

– Bastakiya District

– Jumeirah Mosque

– Dubai Museum

– Al Ahmadiya School

– The Dubai Fountain

– Burj al-Arab Hotel

– Palm Islands

– Burj Khalifa

– Dubai Mall

– Marina Walk

– Madinat Jumeirah

– Mall of Emirates

– Ibn Battuta shopping center

– Emirates hills

– Aquaventure Waterpark

– Al Bastakiya Historical Area

– Al Fahidi Fort

– Gold Souk

burj khalifa

Burj Khalifa

This is the world’s highest building. Yes, no building that is man-made isn’t higher than this one and the tower is 829 meters high. There is an observation point called “At the top” in this building, which has restaurants, hotels and business centers. You need to get a ticket to enter here and if you buy the ticket via internet you will be charged 125 AED, if you buy it at the door it is 400 AED.

The best time to get to the summit is at sunset. So you can watch Dubai both day and night. There is a tip for you, instead of paying 125 AED for “At the top” on the 124th floor, you can enter the “At.mosphere” on the 123rd floor. You need to spend at least 150 AEDs in this restaurant and it would be wiser to pay 150 AEDs for the two drinks.

At the top of this gigantic building, at an altitude of 829 meters, you can watch Dubai and take the most beautiful pictures of the city.

Palm Jumeirah (Palm Island)

This island is in the form of a palm tree, and it is the area where the most luxurious hotels and restaurants of the city are located. Access to the island is provided by a private tram. This tram ride in the name of Palm Monorail costs 25 AED for round trip.

The last stop of the tram is Atlantis hotel and this hotel has a wonderful aquarium and waterpark. I can guarantee that you will pass the day at this hotel.

dubai fountain

Dubai Fountain

This fountain show in front of Dubai Mall is held every half hour after 6:00 pm. This water show made in music accompaniment takes a few minutes but the audience is almost magnified.

burj el arab

Burj El Arab

The Burj Al Arab, world’s first 7-star hotel, starts at AED 8,000 per night. If you are wondering about this gigantic and luxurious hotel, you can go to the hotel during tea time. However, you must spend at least 350 AEDs at the hotel.

Al Bastakiya Historical Area

If you are tired of skyscrapers or shopping centers, you should visit this historic area. This district, which consists of old houses and shops, shows you the traditional face of the city. This neighborhood has works of modern art and museums such as Coin Museum and Coffee Museum.

Places of worship

You can make a trip to the Jumeirah Mosque and when you pay about 75 AED, you can take a tour in the mosque for an hour. The Grand Mosque has the highest minaret of the city but this mosque is closed to visitors. Only those who want to worship can enter here. You can also visit the city’s only Hindu Temple, right next to the Grand Mosque.

shopping mall dubai

Shopping in Dubai

There are so many shopping malls here that even if you do not buy something, you should definitely see it here. Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping mall in the world and even visiting the whole place can be tiring on its own. The Dubai Mall also has a very large aquarium and it will attract the attention of children.

The Mall of Emirates is the second largest shopping center in the city and has a ski slope! Although not very large, this activity will be very exciting, especially for the novices.

Madinat Jumeirah is a tourist bazaar and it is also possible to find local products at this authentic bazaar. I recommend you to come to this bazaar which is very hot, during the afternoon.

The best prices can be found at the Ibn Battuta shopping center, and if you are looking for a gift for the way back, this will be the best address.

dubai safari

Safari in Dubai

The safari in Africa intends to see the wild animals in their natural life, but in here there is a different purpose. Desert safaris last about 10 hours and you need to agree with a tour company. The average fare for a good safari is 350 AED. After driving around in the desert, you will come to the camping area and you will do some activities here. You eat in the camp, you ride, you can see a hawk, and you can tattoo. After you return to the hotel at night, I suggest you take a shower, otherwise you may have to sleep with the dust that has entered even your fingers.

dubai foods

What to eat in Dubai?

This city does not have a local cuisine. But you can find special flavors here for all the cuisines of the world. I can say especially that the Lebanese cuisine is prevalent in restaurants which mainly focus on meat dishes.

Final tips for Dubai

– Currency is Dirham (AED)

– It is possible to swim in every period of the year.

– It’s an expensive city.

– Many speak of English.

– If you will come in the summer, think twice! This place is so hot.

– It’s a safe city.

– Watch out for the traffic lights on the tramway. If you cross in the red light you may have to pay a fine around 6000 AED.

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