Things to do in Astana of Kazakhstan

Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan since 1997, is famous for its festivals and fairs. Many international meetings are being held in this country. This Turkish state in Central Asia is home to about twenty million people. In this regard, Kazakhstan is the world’s sixtieth most populous country. However, since it has a very large surface area, it is only in 220th place for the number of people per square meter. What are the places to be seen in Astana, where a million people live and what can be done in this city?

Accommodation in Astana

You will have two choices to stay in the city: the hotels and apartments. The hotel rates are quite high but there are many international hotels here and they are safer. As apartments, you can rent a house and stay where people rent. This type of accommodation is cheaper than the hotels.

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Things to see in Astana

You should definitely visit the following places:

– Nur-Astana Mosque

– Baiterek tower

– National Museum of Kazakhstan

– City Park

– Hazrat Sultan Mosque

– Saken Seifullin Museum

– Ploshad zashitnikov otechestva

– Rootbeard

– Presidential palace

– Chocolate Factory

– Arbat

– Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

– Khan Shatyr

– Independence Square

The Baiterek tower

This tower has the city symbol and a wonderful view. If you want to look at the city from the top of Astana, you should stop at this tower and take the most beautiful photographs of the city. It is also possible to have an eat at the top, while watching the perfect scenery. You can also choose your city route by watching it at 105-meter-high.

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Hazrat Sultan Mosque

This mosque, where eight thousand people can pray at the same time, is also a social facility. It also houses a library, a wedding hall, a dining hall, and more. The mosque is the largest mosque in Kazakhstan, and with this feature, it deserves to be visited.

Kazakhstan national museum

This museum welcomes you with an imposing eagle statue in its entrance, exhibiting works from the history of Kazakhstan. We recommend that you buy a headset before you visit the museum. Thus, you can have more information about historical artifacts.

Khan Shatyr

This is one of the biggest tents you can see. This transparent tent is huge and includes cafes, restaurants, movie theaters and shopping centers. There is also an entertainment center for children on the top floor of this tent. You can try traditional Turkish dishes. I need to add that the giant tent is a bit stuffy, as ventilation is inadequate.

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Independence Square

A perfect statue telling you about the Second World War is waiting for you. There is a water canal next to this square and water sports can be done here in summer.

City park

If you want to do a good walk in a nice weather, the right address will be the City Park. In this park far from city noise, you can relax under the sounds of birds and if you are here in winter, you will also be able to make ice skating.

When to go to Astana?

The winter months in Kazakhstan are very cold. It is so cold that if you come here at winter, you will meet empty streets. But spring and especially summer are the best times to visit. Because the city is alive and you can spend a few cool days.

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Nightlife in Astana

The nightlife of this city is not very alive. I have to say that your options are quite limited in this regard. If you still want some advice, I can suggest Azhur Club and 8 Kapel. In terms of night life, you can also consult the hotel’s staff and visit the places they offer.

Food culture in Astana

In Kazakhstan, a central Asian country, there is always red meat on the head of the table. So, the most choices in this city are about meat dishes. You should try some kind of sausage, Shashlyk and Besparmak. But most of the meat here is horse meat and susceptible to this, it is useful to ask about the source of meat before ordering. You should also try the taste of traditional Kazakhstan drink, kumiss.

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Astana’s shopping malls

In Astana, it can be said that the prices of shopping goods are not cheap, even expensive. Local markets are much more affordable. The main shopping centers are Duman Center, Mega Center and Khan Shatyr.

Final tips for Astana

– Before becoming a capital city in 1997, the city has a population of only one hundred thousand, is growing rapidly and now has a population exceeding one million.

– The currency is Tenge.

– The city is generally expensive.

– There is not many places to visit.

– We recommend visiting in summer.

– Ask before eating meat, or you can meet “horse” meat.

– If you are thinking of coming in the winter, you should think twice. This could be the coldest capital in the world.

– People here are not so warm. I can even say they are quarrelsome.

– Very few speak English. You will need to find a dictionary. Passport cops do not even speak English.

– The language most spoken here is Russian.

– It is said that bribe in the country is very common. Be careful when you drop your job at the police.

– There are too many casinos.

– Because gasoline is so cheap, taxi fares are also reasonable. For this reason, you can choose taxis for city transportation.

– The only option for public transport is the bus.

– There is hardly any hill in the city, it is a flat city.

– It’s a safe city.

– The airport is small and neglected.

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