Dar Es Salaam travel: Beach and Safari

Dar Es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania, is located on the eastern shores of the Indian Ocean, and about five million people live in the city. You will find everything in this travel guide about what to do in this interesting and beautiful city of Africa.

Transfers from Julius Nyerere Airport

You have two options to reach the city from this airport. You can take a taxi to the exit of the airport and the charge for your payment is around fifteen thousand shillings. Taxis in the airport require very high rates, so you can walk a little out of the airport and travel cheaper by taking a taxi from there. I suggest you negotiate with taxi drivers.

The other option is “Dala Dala”, which is some kind of public bus. If you want to go to the city center with Dala Dala, you will have to pay about four hundred shillings.

In-city transportation

You can use Dala Dala or Bajaji for city transportation in this city where there is not much choice except the taxis. Bajaji is a three-wheeled motorcycle and the fare depends on the distance. Bajaji boarding fees vary from five to fifteen shillings.

Where to stay in Dar Es Salaam?

We suggest you visit an online booking site before you come here. So you can compare the hotel prices and take into consideration guest evaluations. If you have a high budget for your holiday, the best choice will be the chain hotels. Though more expensive, staying in these international bigger hotels will always be safer and more comfortable. My recommendation as a location would be the Kigamboni region, which hosts the most beautiful beaches of the city.

dar es salaam sea

Places to see in Dar Es Salaam

I recommend you see the following places.

– National museum

– Village museum

– Mbudya island

– Bongoyo Island

– Zoo

– Kivukoni Fish market

National museum

In this museum with an entrance fee of six thousand shillings, you can learn about Tanzanian culture from the past on a daily basis. You can visit this museum, which is not very large, in about an hour.

dar es salaam village museum

Village museum

The entry to this museum is six thousand shillings, where you can see old village houses, traditional hand tools, and more information about Tanzania. In this area where you can see some local dance and singing performances, you can spend about two hours.

dar es salaam mbudya bongoya island

Mbudya and Bongoyo islands

If you want to spend a quiet day with your family, the most accurate address will be the island of Mbudya. You can go to this island by boat from the beach, and a beautiful beach and nice food will be waiting for you on the island. You will have to pay twenty-five thousand shillings for the boat and about twenty-five thousand shillings for the island entrance.

You can also go on a boat trip to Bongoya Island, which takes about 20 minutes and you can enjoy the wonderful sea with hot sand. You can also spend a day on this island where you can dive.

Dar Es Salaam zoo

This large zoo, home to almost all animal species, is about 25 miles from the city center and also hosts children’s play areas and a swimming pool. You can also have a nice lunch at this zoo with an entry fee of $ 20.

dar es salaam fish market

Kivukoni fish market

It is possible to see all kinds of fish in this very bad smell market. Remember that the best time to buy cheap and quality fish is in the early hours of the morning, especially if you want to buy fresh fish.

What to eat in Dar es salaam?

The traditional dish of Dar Es Salaam is the Pilau, a type of rice, and the Ugali, made of corn flour. You can taste very nice fish dishes in this city which is located on the ocean shore. Bananas are very popular in Tanzania, so we recommend you to try the fried banana. The local coffees are very tasty and you can also have tropical fruit juices everywhere.

tanzania safari

Safari in Tanzania

If you are in an African country, the most interesting activity you can do is safari. Tanzania is also a good option for safari. You will not be able to do this alone, you have to agree with a tour company for this activity. I can not say that the local tour companies are very reliable, so it would be better to find a reliable tour company by doing research from the internet. The average price of a two-days safari is around $ 250. This includes a quadruple night hotel stay. But, you see, the concrete you pay is worth it and you can observe wild animals in their natural habitat.

Shopping in Dar Es Salaam

Kariakoo market is in the center of the city and it is possible to find all local products here. Visit this market, where the prices are very cheap, before lunch time, otherwise you can lose yourself in the crowd. Make a bargain and offer half the price you are offered. Other than that, you can visit the souvenir shops in the city center and buy some gifts for returning home.

yellow fever tanzania

Yellow fever and malaria in Tanzania

The most important risk in this country is yellow fever. In fact, this risk is very very low, but take your precaution and get vaccinated before you come here. Because yellow fever has no cure and it is a fatal disease. Yellow fever vaccine should be done 10 days before your travel. For malaria, you need to start using antibiotics two days before you get here. You will use this antibiotic for another 4 weeks after you return from Tanzania.

Final tips for Dar Es Salaam

– Currency is Tanzanian Shilling.

– Do not hesitate to bargain while shopping.

– Theft in the city is common. For this reason, be aware of your backpacks and wallets.

– If possible, choose a taxi for transport within the city.

– The city is generally cheap.

– The sea food is delicious.

– Drink bottled water.

– If you are going to buy fruit from the streets, wash it with bottled water.

– While on the safari, I recommend you wear long sleeved shirts to protect yourself from flies. Fly-repellent sprayers do not affect some types of flies.

– Do not forget to buy binoculars before you make the safari.

– On the third day of every month the “White Party” is held at the Meditarrano Hotel and this party participates in the whites living in the city.

– There are many casinos in the city.

– Tropical fruits are very nice and delicious.

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