Casablanca: Old movie, new city!

Casablanca, home to about 4 million people, is the largest city in Morocco. This is a guide about the must see places and to do list in this port city on the coast of the Atlantic. I hope that the Casablanca travel guide will be useful to you.

Casablanca traveling from airport to city center

If you come to Casablanca by air, Mohammed V International Airport will meet you. You can use a train, taxi or bus to get to the city from the airport. If you travel by train, you must go to the first terminal. From this terminal every half an hour, the train to the city center is up and you can reach the city in half an hour. You can visit this website to find the train times, which has a fee of $ 3. Http:// If you want to go to the city center by bus, I would like to remind you that this journey will take an hour.

casablanca airport

There are taxi stops located in front of terminal and the price tag is announced at these stops. However, after the taxi has settled, there may be additional charges for various reasons. The best thing to do is to bargain and finalize the fare before boarding. The fee you pay for the city center will be around $ 30.

Accommodation in Casablanca

casablanca otels

There are both international chain hotels and local hotels here. You should choose one according to your budget. Visit an online booking website and read comments about the hotel. This will ensure you make the right decision. If you have friends who have traveled to Casablanca before, you can also ask them.

Public transport in Casablanca

There are various options for public transportation such as train, bus, tram and taxi. The tram ticket costs 7 dirhams and you can easily reach many places. You should be a bit careful about taxi fares and do not hesitate to negotiate. Before boarding, tell where you want to go and bargain at the price that the taxi driver wants.

Casablanca things to do

If you have enough time, you should see the following places:

– Hassan II Mosque

– The Corniche

– Morocco Mall

– Ancienne Medina

– Quartier Habous

– Places des Nations Unies

– Parc de la Ligue Arabe

– Rick’s Cafe

Places des Nations Unies

Located in the heart of the city, this square is the best place to start exploring Casablanca. There is public transport all over the city and all the major streets in the city are merged in this square. Many major shopping malls are waiting for you in the square too.

Ancienne Medina (Old Medina of Casablanca)

old medina

The old town is surrounded by the city walls and houses many shopping stores. There are historical bazaars here and it is possible to find every product you are looking for. In this historic neighborhood, you can also see Jemma Chleuh which is a Berber mosque.

The Corniche

the corniche

This longest street in Casablanca stretches as far as the El-Hank Lighthouse on the western tip of the city. This is the most luxurious part of the city and you can find dozens of restaurants, nightclubs or bars here. Especially at sunset, this street will be the best address for a quiet and peaceful walk. Since the city center of Casablanca is quite far from the coastline, you can reach here from the city by tram in about 1 hour. The street along the Atlantic Ocean is home to many public beaches.

Morocco Mall

This huge building, which stands where The Corniche is over, is the most magical and the biggest shopping center of Africa. At the shopping center, which has a covered area of ​​250,000 square meters, you can find shops of both famous brands and also an aquarium that hosts more than 40 species of fishes.

Parc de la Ligue Arabe

Arab League Park is a heavenly paradise in the middle of Casablanca. There are cafes and restaurants in this park which are next to Casablancaise Park. Near the park, you can see the Mohammed V Square and the Town Hall. The Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame de Lourdes churches can also be visited in this area.

Rick’s Cafe

ricks cafe

Rick’s Cafe, remembered by that famous scene in Casablanca movie, is the most popular place in the city. But I need to give you a little information; the scenes in the film were shot in a private studio and this restaurant was designed by mimicking the cuff in the film. If you come here for dinner, do not forget to make a reservation. It is also forbidden to go in with shorts or casual clothes. If you want to eat dinner at this restaurant, it’s a good idea to wear some serious clothes!

Shopping in Casablanca

casblanca shopping

The best places to shop in the city are Old Medina and Quartier Habous. After visiting the Old Medina, you can also visit the Quartier Habous, which is right at the exit of this old market. You can buy the most beautiful merchandise reflecting the Moroccan culture here. For those who want to see international brands, Morocco Mall will be the right address.

The best place to buy a gift is Places des Nations Unies. There are many souvenir shops on the square and you can find various souvenirs such as rugs, key rings, magnets or sculptures.

Restaurants and meals in Casablanca

casablanca meal

Dining in Casablanca is not expensive. You must pay at least 50 dirhams for an average lunch or dinner. The local Tajin and couscous are also absolutely delicious.

LaFibule is the most famous restaurant in the city. Situated at the end of The Corniche, under the sea lantern, you can taste the finest examples of Moroccan cuisine. I very much recommend L’Etoile and Taverna with reasonable prices and excellent taste. The two best fish restaurants in the city are The Port and the Austerya.

Final tips for Casablanca

– Currency is Moroccan Dirham

– 2 days is enough to visit the city.

– You can make desert safari. For this, you need to find a tour company and pay an average of 500 dirhams.

– Coca Cola is 10 dirhams and bottled water is 3 dirhams

– If you have not watched Casablanca yet, run and watch it!

– The common language in the city is French. Very few speak English.

– It’s a safe city. But you need to be careful at nights.

– Marrakech, the capital is four hours away by train. You should spend 2 days visiting it also.

– There are many thieves and pickpockets in the city center.

– Traffic is a complete chaos!

– Those who are curious about the nightlife should visit the Cabestan.

– On the beaches of the city, people do two things: swim and play soccer!

– There’s a wonderful ocean smell in the city.

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