Braga travel guide: Tips for the city

Braga, located in the northern Portugal, is the third largest city in the country. This small city hosts about two hundred thousand people. Let’s take a look at the Braga travel guide that we prepared for you.

The best time to visit Braga

It is neither very cold in winter nor very hot in summer. The temperature vary from 30 ° C in summer 12 ° C in winter. Spring is the best time to visit Braga, which is especially hot during the day at summer days. Even though the weather in the winter is not very cold, those who are sensitive to the cold may also prefer autumn. Autumn is also the period when the city is the calmest and beautiful.

Public transport in Braga

The options for public transportation in Braga are buses, trains, and taxis. There are three kind of trains in this city: Very fast and comfortable ones named Alfa Pendulas, comfortable but slightly slower Rapido Inter-Cidades and the Regionals for traveling the villages.

Accommodation in Braga

braga acommodation

If you want to find a good hotel in such a small city like Braga, it’s a good idea to book your accommodation early. You should make a reservation in advance, especially since the city is a tourist attraction during the spring and summer seasons. It will be easier to find a hotel room in the fall when there are relatively few tourists. In this not too big city you should take a look at the reviews made about the hotel rather than its location. Visit online booking websites and decide by evaluating the prices and comments made by previous guest for the hotel.

Places to see in Braga

Must see places in Braga are as below:

– Cathedral of Bom Jesus

– Se Cathedral

– Museu dos Biscainhos

– Archbishop’s Palace

– Cathedral of Santa Maria

– São Frutuoso Chapel

– Museum of Sacred Art

– Capela dos Coimbras Cathedral

– Santa Barbara Gardens

– Town Hall

– Praca de Republica

– Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro

Braga and churches

braga churches

This city is also known as the religious capital of Portugal. There are more than 10 churches and cathedrals in Braga. You can climb 116 meters stairs or use an elevator to the top of the Bom Jesus de Monte church, which is the most famous church in the city. This church, which you can visit for free, will also offer you the most beautiful view of Braga.

Santa Maria Cathedral, one of the most impressive cathedrals on earth, is located in the center of the city and is one of the oldest cathedrals in Europe.

You can see one of the best views of the city in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro. This place that tourists choose to watch the sunset is only 1 mile away from Bom Jesus.

Praca da Republica

Praca de Republica, the most important square and at the same time the center of the city. You should sit in a corner on this square and enjoy the crowd while having your coffee. There are many restaurants and shops in located on Praca da Republica.

The Garden of Santa Barbara

braga garden

In this not too big garden, you can see various types of flowers and plants. The garden is very clean and the flowers are looked after with care. While spending your afternoon here, you can rest and prepare for the evening.

Braga museums

Museu Di Diogo de Sousa is also known as the archeological museum and exhibits archaeological remains in Braga, especially the works of the Roman empire. Museu dos Biscainhos is an old mansion where you can see both the old Braga life and a beautiful garden.

Final tips for Braga

– Currency is Euro (€).

– When you come here, remember to visit Porto which is an hour away.

– You can walk to almost every part of the city.

– 1 day is enough to visit the city.

– Instead of visiting just Braga, it would be wiser to spend one day here during a Portugal tour.

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