Best trip route for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, an island country in the Indian Ocean, is 30 kilometers away from south of India and is only 01:30 min flight away from the Maldives. If you come too far to visit this country, I suggest you to visit the surrounding beauties as well. But now, let’s take a look at the Sri Lanka travel guide and discover this perfect country together.

Best time to visit Sri Lanka?

If you are not good with the rain, you should not come to this country in the summer months. In spring and autumn, there may be sporadic rainfall. For that reason, the best time to come to Sri Lanka is winter months. In December, January and February the temperature average is 30 ┬░ C and these are the best times to swim.

Accommodation options in Sri Lanka

sri lanka airport

Although Sri Lanka is a small country, it has many places to visit. You should draw a good route and specify the places where you will stay. It will be hard to recommend any hotel name, because you will stay in many different locations on your route and explore your options yourself. Once you have decided on your Sri Lankan cruise route, visit an online booking website and make your choice based on both the prices and the comments of previous guests..

Sri Lanka sightseeing route

In a country such as Sri Lanka, you do not want to spend all your holidays in one city. You will probably enter this country from Bandaranaike Airport in the capital city of Colombo. Where to go after that?

Sri Lanka is not a country where intercity transportation has developed. You do not have the opportunity to travel with modern buses or trains. At this point, “Sri Lankan drivers” enter the circuit. Before you come to the country you can rent a taxi driver by making an agreement over the internet. This driver takes you to your destination during your trip and guides you. This driver, who arranges the hotel for you when necessary, also guides you when you buy local goods.

You can get help from these drivers on your travel route, which could be sea-based or nature-based or a cultural tour. By visiting this address, you can review the comments of travelers who have already been to Sri Lanka and have rented a driver.

Best Tourist attractions in Sri Lanka

The activities to be carried out in this country can be divided into categories: cultural visits, sea tourism and nature explorations. This country is very hot In December, January and February, so the best time to go for the sea is winter months. The inner parts of the country are full of nature paradise and it is possible to do nature walks which take days in winter. It is also possible to make a cultural exploration journey in Sri Lanka, which is home to many Buddhist temples and ancient cities.

It would not be right if I get you a complete route from here. Because according to what you want to see, your route will also change. While some cities are suitable for cultural tourism, if you are interested in the sea and the sun, you will of course be a route covering the coastal towns.

You need a week for an average route and if you want to see the important places of the country, you will need at least two weeks.

Which cities you should visit in Sri Lanka?

Before you come to Sri Lanka, I told you that you need to set a course. You should plan this route according to your and your companion interests. Nevertheless, our proposal can be as follows:

– Colombo (2 Days)

– Habarana (2 Days)

– Kandy (1 Day)

– Nuwara Eliya (2 Days)

– Yala (2 Days)

– Beruwala (3 Days)

Things to do in Colombo

There is not much to see in this city which is the capital of the country. You should visit the port, the Parliament building, the clock tower. For shopping, you can also visit Galle Road. The best known restaurant of the city is The Galery Cafe and the best hotel is probably Cinnamon Grand Hotel.

Going to Habarana

sri lanka points of interest

The four most important ancient cities of the country are Anuradhapura, Polonnarawura, Sigiraya and Ritigala are very close to Habarana. In this city, you should also see the following places:

– Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

– Sigiriya Castle

– Minneriya National Park


temple sri lanka

Before reaching your next stop, Kandy, you can visit the Dambulla Cave Temple. This temple was built in the first century after milestone and is on UNESCO’s list of world heritage. There are many spice plants in this city, and you can also buy fresh spices while feeling the unique smells in these gardens.


You can see more than 5,000 trees and herbs on the Royal Botanical Garden between Kandy and Nuwara. Pidurutalagala, Sri Lanka’s highest mountain is also here.


sri lanka route way

Sri Lanka’s largest national park is here. It is possible to observe many wild animals in their natural life by making Jeep safari in this park.


beruwala sri lanka

Beruwala has a very nice beach and Bentota river is in this city as well. You can take a boat ride in the river and enjoy the taste of many tropical fruits.

Final tips for Sri Lanka

– The country is safe for travelers.

-Currency is Sri Lankan Rupee.

– The traffic is on the left side.

– Do not forget to buy fresh spices from spice gardens.

– Whatever you buy, be sure to negotiate.

– Do not rent a car because traffic is a chaos.

– Sri Lankans love tourists and they are very interested.

– It’s generally a cheap country.

– Tropical fruits are sold everywhere. Eat plenty.

– Do not swim in the rivers, you can face a crocodile.

– Do not turn your back on Buddhist sculptures when photographing, it is considered a kind of disrespect. In fact, some of the photographs of the statues are not allowed to be taken.

– Tuk Tuk is very common in urban transport. The fee per kilometer is 30 Rupees.

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