Best Coffee shops in Casablanca

Best Coffee shops in Casablanca

Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, is home to about 4 million people. In another article, we published the Casablanca travel guide. This time, we list the best coffee shops in Casablanca. Here are the best coffee shops in town!

On the map below you can find all the coffee shops in the city.

casablanca coffee

Bondi Coffee Kitchen

bondi cafe casablanca

This should be visited for both delicious food and great coffee. The waiters are very helpful and able to communicate by speaking English or French. I can say that you can have the best breakfast in Morocco here. This café, which also has free Wi-Fi, lets you read your book silently. The roasted coffee is very good, but a bit hard. I must remind you that you can find some vegan food in this cafe. Because Bondi Coffee is an international cafe chain, you can find the same taste on your every single visit.

Red Coffee

red coffee casablanca

Located at one of the biggest crossroads of the city, Red Coffee is a bit noisy. But since it’s in the city center, it’s an ideal place to meet your friends. If you are tired during the city tour, you can also choose here to relax. You have to wait a little while for the coffee because the café is very crowded throughout the day. I also have to say that coffee prices are a bit expensive.

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee casablanca

The biggest advantage of Starbucks is that it can offer the same standard of coffee anywhere in the world. You can also find very nice coffees here. But I have to say that the staff here need a little more training. You can relax with a hot chocolate or coffee at this café in a mall. Prices are a little bit expensive.

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee casablanca

This is famous not only with the coffees but also with the fries. But it is not possible to say that the coffees are very good. However, those who want to drink coffee by breathing ocean air can try here.

Cafe France

cafe france casablanca

This is in the center of Casablanca and after a small coffee break, you can continue to visit the city. Breakfast is also excellent and the prices are reasonable. You should definitely try the cheese and caramel cakes. Because it is in the city center, you should be ready to hear some noise, especially in the evenings. You can watch the streets of the old city while having your coffee.

Venezia Ice

venezia ice casablanca

Located near the Casablanca’s twin towers, this prices at this cafe are not expensive. The biggest problem of the café is the prolongation of service time due to the crowd. You should also know that the café is great with its ice cream.

Boca Chica

boca chica casablanca

Prices are a bit expensive at this bar, which is just near the ocean. The promised landscape and the coffee are very good. We recommend you to go to the café on weekdays, because it is very crowded on weekends. You should always be ready to the crowds.

Segafredo CIL

Segafredo CIL coffee casablanca

This is famous for the crepes and the breakfast is very successful. But the services are slow and it’s often very crowded. Nevertheless, it can be preferred for its scenery and calmness.

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